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About Us

The American-Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Manchester was established in 1952. Nine years later, in 1961, the congregation purchased a church at the corner of Garden and Winter Streets from the German Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church. For 55 years the Latvian congregation used the Church for services, weddings, confirmations, christenings and funerals. In the downstairs hall our Ladies Committee provided for social gatherings, Christmas fairs, plays, concerts, etc. 


In 2016, due to the decreasing number of parishioners and rising costs, our church was sold to Holy Transfiguration Romanian Orthodox Church which has been very gracious in letting us use the church for our monthly services and social gatherings.


Draudzes Valde
Parish Council

Mančesteras Latviešu Ev. Lut. Draudze

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